Using Funny Memes For Business

The funnymen of the online world can breathe easy now that there is new merchandise to add to their inventory: funny manorial and funny headers for websites. Just like the great joke writers of yesterday who would often write humorous prose for the enjoyment of others, modern-day funnymen have become brand advertisers for major companies. 
Major internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are all in on the marketing game, purchasing websites with funny content in order to market their

Using Funny Memes For Business

It’s no surprise that the marketing of funnyman products has gone hand in hand with social commentary. As social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter continue to evolve into powerful informational delivery systems, the role of corporations in delivering funny content to their millions of users has grown exponentially. In short, the web is a weightless vacuum of constantly updated research, Questionable research, and self-esteem-building self-praising social media posts but with a touch of human interest added. Thankfully, that is a dream you do not need to dream about, thanks to the consistent presence of funny memes everywhere on the web.

There are so many different kinds of funnyman Memes that it’s impossible to list them all here. But perhaps the best known are the ones that reference Star Wars. After all, Star Wars has been one of the most heavily marketed cultural phenomena of recent decades, so it only makes sense that its cultural footprint would be captured in something as simple a fashion statement as a funny header or mascot for a website. Best of all, these funny manorial and jokes have been used by companies as far back as May of this year to promote their brand in a subtle yet clever way. Best of all, these marketing efforts have actually been incredibly successful.

So how can a company get a piece of this lucrative trend and make money from it? One way that businesses can use funnyman and cultural icons to give us a laugh and spread some awareness about a serious problem they’re facing is by giving us a taste of nostalgia with their “retro” 30 funny memes. These are marketing tools, which give us a taste of nostalgia through cleverly designed visual presentations, clever copy, and well-timed internet references.

The most popular category of funnymen and cultural icons out there is, obviously, the genre of jokes and Memes that reference animals. There is a wealth of websites that cater to this specific niche and give us 
a daily dose funny jokes, references, and Memes which poke fun at our favorite pets, beloved cats, and other beloved creatures. Sites like “Petsicle” give us an endless stream of cute images which poke fun at our favorite furry, feathered friends. Websites like this and others like it allow users to create custom pet videos and share them with millions of members worldwide who enjoy sharing online content such as this.

Another way that businesses can use these to give us a laugh is by making their ads special in nature. This gives us an advertisement for products or services which will help them get more eyeballs to their websites and make their products and/or services known to people who enjoy browsing the web. It also allows them to show off their expertise in a particular subject that may otherwise go unnoticed if their ads were not funny enough.

Some of the most famous and most popular funny memes are ones that take a light-hearted look at the world’s most beloved cat, namely the yellow fluffy friend, Darth Vader. Other popular examples of funny mances and celebrity-driven funny men jokes about the ever-growing collection of celebrity babies. Sites like 4chan offer a place on their bulletin boards to post these funny mances, and many users do. There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a picture of a perfectly normal-looking kitten being put up on a website full of cat pictures, it is that satisfying.

For instance, if you put a picture of a business cat doing the “business cat dance” on a site about new businesses, you will probably attract some attention. If you put the same image on a site about new cars, or something along those lines, you will attract even more. Funny faces are a wonderful way for businesses to advertise because they allow businesses to poke fun at their products and services in an easily digestible fashion.

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